"Final Render"
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Example.09: Line Expression like the Inside of CPU
(AE5.5 PRO)

AE-TIPS 09 : Adobe After Effects CS5 (
Resolution: 640x480
Third-Party AE Plugins:
- No Use
Third-Party Footages:
- No Use

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Creating the background Material

Create the background using the Material library etc.
Apply move & scale animation of each Layer.

Creating the character Material

Create The Material for line animation.
Although it is good one anything if it is a figure
A character is struck instead of a figure this time.
Create Four different Materials.

* I think that "the square character" is more effective.
"E.F.H.I.L.T" etc.

"Line animation"
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Line animation

Put the character Material into a New Composition.
Turn Off the Eyeball icon.(Layer Invisible)
Create a New Solid.
Apply Effect > Render > Vegas.
Assign the character Material to "Input Layer"
Animation will be carried out if you put a key frame into "Rotation."

Create Four Materials by the same method.

View Effect Controls Window

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Glow Effect

Shine The Material of STEP3.
Apply Effect > Stylize > Glow.
Adjust the value of a parameter.

Create the Materials of various color tones.

View Effect Controls Window

"Final Render"
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It will complete if you composite the Material of STEP1 & 4.
Speed etc. can be adjusted with the key frame of STEP3.